The Corn Loft Centre - Testimonials

Testimonials and comments from 2010 Workshop Attendees.

“I had an absolutely unforgettable experience at Tomsallagh and the Corn Loft Centre.  The stunning scenic Irish countryside and marvellous old structures are only surpassed by the warm and wonderful welcome that Rita Lett, Billy and her circle of friends extends to you.  I have been to most parts of the world on business and personal travels, and this is on the top of my list.  This is a magical setting and a one of a kind experience not to be missed!” (Byron Anderson, Saratoga, California, USA).

“You made our trip to Ireland so wonderful.  When I think of Ireland, I’ll think of you, Billy, Tomsallagh, your beautiful daughter Heather and your wonderful friends and neighbours.  Thank you very much for the wonderful dinner at your manor and making a special moment for us by celebrating our 40th anniversary.”  (Ike and Michi Ikeda, San Dimas, California, USA).

“I have to let you know that I really enjoyed my visit in Ireland and your Irish hospitality added charm and meaning of what a real Irish individual is.  I felt happy and at home being with you and your family.  Heather is a very good cook. I enjoyed her cooking very much.  You organized the painting location so well, beautiful scenery, and of course the rain from above which made it exciting – the rain brought texture to my painting! Now I know why Ireland is so green.”  (Amparo Elican, San Dimas, California, USA).

“I’ve just returned from a Watercolor Demonstartion which is sponsored by Watercolor West.  There I saw three of the “Ireland people”.  We all agreed that the trip was the most special of experiences.  The thoughts of Ireland, its people, its beauty, and the generosity of Rita Lett and Heather and Billy et al.  It was a great trip!  It is kinda funny because the group on the trip formed the nicest bond.  I think everyone liked everyone.  It was a special bond indeed.”  (Nancy Caldwell, Huntington Beach, California, USA).

“It is with great fondness that I remember my time with you, the beauty of Ireland, and your loving care all thru the trip.  I think I can never say thank you enough.  The time was so special.  It will always live in my memories, and perhaps I will be able to return at some point.” (Maryjane Klune, La Canada, California, USA).

“I had the greatest experience on our trip to Ireland and most of it because of you and your family.”  (Judith Lowe, Altadena, California, USA).

“ I thought the whole trip was delightful and thrilling.  I had dreamed of coming to Ireland for years, and you and Billy were able to expand my dreams and make a lot of memories for me as well as the rest of the group.  I will always be grateful for all the things you did.  I do plan on returning some time.” (Dian Dewyer, California, USA).

“Thank you for making our trip to Ireland so special.  “Tomsallagh” is such a beautiful place with subject matter everywhere you look.  Your enthusiasm was infectious and we appreciated your efforts in arranging our plein air and sight-seeing experiences.”  (Roy and Pat Gray, Sonora, California, USA).

“All of your good planning, your wonderful hospitality and your hard work has made this experience very special!  I am having such fun that I can almost ignore my mishap [broken collar bone].  God bless you.  (Judith Baker, Sierra Madre,California).

“I am including a little verse I wrote on a card I painted for an Irish neighbour.  On the front I painted the patchwork fields of green as seen from the Ring of Kerry.  Inside I wrote:

Ne’er to be forgotten are the patchwork fields of green,
And the place where mystics wander
In search of things unseen.
Ne’er to be forgotten are the friendly Irish smiles,
The castles and the hedgerows,
And songs of the beautiful Irish isles.

The “place where mystics wonder” was Glendalough on that very rainy, misty day, which was very spiritual to me.”  (Paulene Crabb, California, USA)

“I have exceedingly pleasant memories of my visit to Ireland, probably the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited!  You and Billy made our stay particularly enjoyable, seeing to it that we didn’t miss an adventure.  Hanging out with the two of you was a highlight and meeting your neighbors and family.  I fully intend to visit Ireland again.”
(Mary Gilman, California, USA)

“We are most grateful for a wonderful trip.  Your work in preparation and finding Michael [the bus driver] put all of us in good hands.  Opening your home to us and the party, complete with entertainment, and meeting your family and friends was most gracious.  You have let us see Ireland through Irish eves and Ireland is magnificent – the country, the towns, the people and the mysticism.  As all were painting up on the Ring of Kerry, that mysticism was so evident.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Hope we can do it again.”  (Caroline Van Winkle, Morro Bay, California, USA).

“I remember your gracious hostessing so well.  You and your daughter made our visit with Chris a wonderful experience.”  (Jackie Dvorman, Huntington Beach, California, USA).

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