Heritage Farm

The Corn Loft is located on the Lett family farm, which has been in the Lett family for 6 generations (since the 1700s).  Set on a hillside amidst a gentle rolling landscape of lush greens, the farm is steeped in history and tradition.  In the past it was a thriving tillage, beef and sheep farm.  Today the main enterprise is Christmas trees.  Some cattle and horses are also kept on the farm.  Every visitor to the Corn Loft finds their own piece of heaven within the farm grounds.  Some choose to paint from a vantage point on the steps of one of the lofts to admire the panoramic views.  For tree lovers the back lane with its canopy of beech trees has a magic of its own.  The traditional stable courtyard and the old ‘hagard’ have been captured by several artists, each painting in their own individual style. Painters and writers are spoilt for choice when it comes to scenes to motivate their creativity.

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